Should You Stay In A Hotel Or Motel?

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Should You Stay In A Hotel Or Motel?

18 March 2016
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When you are planning a vacation and looking for accommodations, you may be deciding between a hotel and motel. There are many reasons to go with a hotel, but also some reasons to go basic with a motel. Here are some things to consider when trying to make your decision.

Hotels Offer More Amenities

One of the main benefits to choosing a hotel over a motel is that they offer more amenities and features. Hotels are often larger with enough space to accommodate amenities like a swimming pool, fitness room, restaurant or bar, and gift shop. While the actual amenities offered vary widely by the hotel, they often have more than what a local motel has. Motels have the basic essentials you need, including a comfortable bed, television with cable, shower and soap. Some motels also provide a small desk or table in the room, though this varies by motel.

Motels Are Affordable

If you simply need a place to rest your head and want to save money in the process, a motel is a good option. You might be making just a short stop during a road trip, or attending a nearby attraction and know you won't be spending much time in the room. You can find a clean motel that offers everything you need in the room for the night. By saving money on the accommodations, you have more spending money for dining out and going on adventures. However, if you will be spending a longer period of time in the establishment, you might want a hotel with more amenities.

Hotels Have Ratings

The reason a hotel having ratings is an advantage is because it can give you a better idea about what that hotel offers as far as amenities and special features go. For example, a hotel that has three stars likely offers basic amenities like a swimming pool, laundry facility, and possibly some outdoor features like a barbecue area or a small sports court. With four and five star hotels, they are more luxury hotels frequently providing on-site dining and room service, fitness rooms, gift shops, and large suites with upgraded amenities. If you know you want room service, you can narrow down your search by only looking at four and five-star hotels.

Motels Are Smaller

Some people don't want a large, elaborate hotel that has 15 floors and sits on acres of property. If this is you, you will probably prefer a motel. Motel tend to be smaller, often no larger than two or three floors. The smaller building can make it feel more casual during your vacation, which is important to some people. 

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