Destination Invitations: Creative Ways To Invite Guests To Your Destination Wedding

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Destination Invitations: Creative Ways To Invite Guests To Your Destination Wedding

4 July 2016
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Are you ready to say "I do?" A destination wedding is a fun trend that allows couples to tie the knot in a place that is special to them. Your destination wedding is a unique expression of who you are as a couple, and your wedding invitations should be, too. Here are some fun ideas for invitations to your wedding. 

Invitations to Your Location

Make a theme out of the location of your wedding. Are you getting married in a historical venue, or are you having a beach wedding? Let guests in on the fun by introducing them to the destination you have chosen for your special day. 


One simple and cost-effective way to invite your guests is to write your wedding information on postcards from the location of your wedding. This will show guests exactly what they can expect and get them excited about the trip. 

Alternatively, you can create your own invitations that look like oversize postcards. Use a photograph of your destination on one side, and write your wedding details on the other side as if it were a postcard. Use a small photo of you and your intended as an imitation stamp. Mail these in large envelopes. 

Travel Guide

Turn your wedding invitations into a handy guide that will inspire them to take your journey with you. Print your wedding information on a sheet of paper that will serve as a cover for a small book or pamphlet. Then include pictures and information about the place you are getting married. Offer suggestions for restaurants and attractions as well as a history of the destination. 

Beyond Paper

You will typically invite fewer people to a destination wedding than you would to a traditional wedding, so you can have some fun with hand-delivered invitations or larger invitations that have to be shipped. 

Message in a Bottle

Gather a small bottle for each family being invited to your wedding. You can find pretty and interesting bottles at thrift stores, or you can buy older bottles from antique dealers. 

Find some beautiful, old-looking sheets of paper at a craft supply store. Print your wedding information on them. Then simply roll them up and stick them in the bottles. You can even add a bit of craft sand at the bottom if you like. 

Destination in a Box

Use clear plastic containers from a restaurant supply store for invitations that will show guests what they can expect at your wedding. Then hit a craft supply store for modeling clay and small plastic miniatures you can use to create a scene from your wedding. 

Push modeling clay along the bottom of the container. Use light brown and blue for the sand and water for a beach wedding or green for a beautiful lawn. Push your miniatures into the clay to create a tiny landscape. Print your wedding details on a piece of card stock, and arrange this on top. Then close the lid and deliver your tiny scene to the lucky recipient. 

Your destination wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that deserves creative and unique invitation. Use your imagination to show guests just how special your wedding is going to be. Contact a service like destination weddings by Canada One Travel to learn more.  

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