Three Ways You Can Save Money On Your Next Hotel Stay

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Three Ways You Can Save Money On Your Next Hotel Stay

9 December 2015
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Staying at a nice, relaxing hotel with a long list of accommodations doesn't have to mean big money. There are a number of different ways that you can get a great deal on a hotel room if you know what to do. Here are a few booking tips to help you save money. 

Beware Of Third Party Sites

Although they are heavily advertised as such, third-party retail sites don't always offer the best deals. Keep in mind the fact that nothing is free. Many of these sites are not simply doing the hotel a favor by advertising their property free of charge.

These third-party sites often earn their money by charging hotels a commission fee for each room they book. Some hotels in-turn have to increase their rates on these sites to make up for this fee. When you book directly from the hotel's website, these fees aren't necessary so you can sometimes get a better rate.

Call At The Right Time

Sometimes calling a hotel directly can help you get a better rate. Should you choose to do so, make sure you are calling at the right time. For a number of hotels, check out time is somewhere around 11 am or 12 pm and check in time is in the middle of the afternoon, such as 3 pm.

If you call during these periods, the desk agent will be less inclined to search for a deal because they have a long line of guests standing ahead of them. Try to call in the early morning hours or in the evening after many of the guests have come or gone for the day.

Look Beyond Large Chains

A number of large hotel chain properties are corporately owned. A corporately owned property is typically under strict guidelines when it comes to everything from the color scheme in their lobby to the rates they can charge for a room. At these properties, a desk agent can only charge you what their computer system will allow them to.

With smaller, independent hotels there is sometimes more wiggle room. Both owners and managers have the power to offer rates as low as they see fit. This flexibility can result in more money in your wallet.

Getting a great deal on your next hotel stay will take some patience. However, with the money you save on your room, you will have more money to spend at any on-site restaurants or spa services the hotel offers. Contact a local outlet, such as Clearwater Lodge, for further assistance.

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